About the American Spacefaring Foundation

The United States faces the daunting challenge of remaining energy secure this century as the age of fossil fuels ends. Space solar power is the one sustainable energy solution capable of replacing fossil fuels. To establish the enabling American space solar power industry, America must, first, become a true commercial human spacefaring nation capable of operating safely and effectively throughout the Earth-Moon system.

The American Spacefaring Foundation is being established to prepare and submit recommendations, by 2016, to the American public and the United States Government regarding:

  1. Future American energy security needs and the role of space solar power in meeting these needs;
  2. A national energy security policy embracing space solar power;
  3. A National Spacefaring Policy to implement commercial space solar power and the enabling commercial spacefaring logistics industry; and
  4. The creation and initial activity of the U.S. Space Solar Power Corporation and the U.S. Spacefaring Authority.

Participation in the American Spacefaring Foundation is to be open to U.S. citizens and lawful permanent non-citizen residents. At this stage of organization, email addresses of such persons interested in possible more formal participation of the American Spacefaring Foundation are being collected. If you are interested, subscribe to the posting notification list.